The RMIX Brazilian company located in Campo Largo/Paraná.

It offers its line of ready-mix gluten-free and lactose-free mixtures for domestic, institutional and industrial markets. Our goal is to provide a light, healthy and tasty food for everyone seeking a higher life.

Our Structure

Factory - It has a 600 square meter factory fully equipped within the specific technical standards of good food manufacturing.

Deposit of Inputs - It has a deposit of inputs of 600 square meters totally dedicated to provide the factory, totally free of agents that could represent cross contaminations. The Environment is totally free of Gluten, Lactose and other elements considered allergenic.

Providers - All our suppliers were selected from strict technical and quality criteria. We pay for inputs that are totally focused on the free market of Gluten contaminants.

Our History

In 2011 the current director, Mr. André Luiz Romano after medical consultation and a confirmation through clinical examinations, received news that he has intolerance to all milk products. Accustomed to gather friends for an afternoon coffee in the bakeries and bistros of Curitiba, he realized that the food trade for the home lacks dietary options free of lactose and is thus unable to eat bread, salted, sweet and the like for his home due to lack of choice in Menu of the city.

Already the owner of extensive experience in the development and production of ready-made blends concentrated throughout his 25 years of uninterrupted work, he decided to create a raw material supply company for industries interested in producing healthy and dietetic foods for the final consumer. That's how a modern company was born, tuned to market trends and totally free to innovate, called Rmix Healthy Foods. Today with 100 items in its portfolio of blends meets the most varied palates offering wellness and flavor through their brownies, cakes, noodles, pizzas, panetones, cookies, savory, toppings, pancakes, waffes and more, serving their most Demanding customers through the Free & Light brand.

They are initiatives that make the world more humane and welcoming and André Luiz Romano continues his quest for the pleasure of inviting friends now with healthy and tasty options.



We develop opportunities

Savor an extensive range of Healthy and Tasty foods that are fast and economical for the public, who want a daily diet with practicality, economicity and flavor enhancement.


Production of Our Products

The production of our products is carried out according to the most demanding international quality standards, in an isolated installation and with strict quality control capable of bringing safety to the public intolerant to Gluten, Lactose, Eggs and other allergenic agents.


Product line

Our product lines are natural and produced isolated from allergenic agents constantly submitted to laboratory tests.